Service that makes you strong

At RACO, the emphasis is on service. We offer our repair service for all of our products, no matter when they were built. We rebuild all components in our workshop, even those that have been in use for several decades. Or, we produce and supply original parts.

The only way we can only do this is by documenting and archiving each and every step in the production process and working sequences of single components and systems as early as in the design stage.

That's the kind of investment reliability you've been looking for!

Give us a call or email for requests and we'll put you in contact immediately with an expert that you can discuss every aspect of your job with.
As registrated user you will be able to download additional manuals, documents and RACO Software for our products.
Please ask for CAD Drawings (2D or 3D) for a concrete application. We will help you as soon as possible.

Only RACO can repair your device quickly and professionally!

The modular system of the RACO electric actuators comprises more than 60,000 article master data and therefore places high demands on the spare parts service.
We send spare parts in stock on the same day after an order has been placed, in emergencies with special couriers.
Please fill the repair form for an instant process!

On-site service | Field Service

We are glad to assist you with our specialist on site du ring initial commissioning. When you need an expert at your elbow, our fully trained and experienced Field Service Technicians are the right answer. Whether it's a routine maintenance check or an emergency repair, our team has the experience, the tools and access to all information about the electric actuators we built for you to insure that your actuator will go on performing the way you expect. When your conditions demand it, our people can completely rebuild an electric actuators with PLC in line at your site and re-calibrate it before returning it to service. They'II even help sort out your spares invetory.

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