RACO elctric actuators® for the actuation of dosing valves in the sugar industry

RACO Elektrozylinder® are used for adjusting motions, both for valves (swing valve boxes) and chutes, as well as for dosing valves, where intermediate positions can also be driven to over the entire lift range. They feature diverse equipment possibilities, sensor technology in particular. Combinations are also possible, from limit switches, over position indicators with analog signal output up to multi-turn absolute-value encoder including fieldbus connection. Thus the mechatronic drives can be connected easily with the overall control and/or can be integrated as a system solution into the customer-side application i.e. autonomous control and monitoring including visualisation.

This means that the mechatronic drives can be easily connected to the overall control system and/or integrated as a system solution, i.e. independent control and monitoring of the electric cylinders including visualization in the customer's application.

Infosheet - RACO electric actuators for actuation of dosing valves in food industry

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