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RACO – Your experts for linear drive systems and components

As a company offering solutions for linear adjustment tasks, our broad portfolio includes products with numerous different features. The RACO actuator system is of modular design and based on uniform design principles. We can therefore develop system solutions that serve your individual needs.

We ensure that mechanical and electrical components are well coordinated to form the perfect mechatronic system for you.

RACO Heavy duty electric actuators

The heavy duty electric actuators of this production series are built to impress even under toughest conditions. Whether there is intense heat or cold, dust, moisture, or shocks and vibrations, the accuracy in positioning and reproducibility remains. Because of the extremely robust design, which is achieved with high-grade materials, the RACO heavy duty electric actuators have a very long life cycle. We are building them for immensely dynamic processes with high switching frequencies.


Heavy duty electric actuators
Type 1 | Size 4-11 - Stroke: up to 6000 mm

5 kN | 10 kN | 20 kN | 50 kN | 100 kN | 160 kN | 400 kN | 900 kN


RACOmatic® Heavy duty electric actuators
Type 1 | Size 4-8 - Stroke: up to 2000 mm

5 kN | 10 kN | 20 kN | 50 kN | 100 kN

RACO - COMPACT electric actuators

The RACO COMPACT is designed with extremely small dimensions, although it has high linear thrust. Like the “high performance series” it also operates completely electro mechanically in a absolute trouble free manner. As a many-faceted electric actuator for horizontal or vertical linear thrust and tension movements, it offers a smart solution for a great variety of applications with features as listed below.


COMPACT electric actuator
Type 6 | Size 2-7
Stroke: up to 1000 mm

0.3kN | 2kN | 7.5kN | 12kN | 40kN


RACOmatic® COMPACT electric actuators
Type 6 | Size 4-6
Stroke: up to 1000 mm

4kN | 12kN

RACO COMPACT Elektrozylinder T6N4 DC
RACO COMPACT Elektrozylinder T6N4 DC

COMPACT DC electric actuators
Type 6 | Size 2-4
Stroke: up to 600 mm

2kN | 5kN | 20kN

RACO - Precision Ball Screws

The ball screw assembly consists of screw, nut and balls. The function is to transfer the rotary motion or into a linear motion into rotary motion. This is further extension and development of slide ball screw. The important significance of development is the same as changing a bearing from rolling motion to sliding motion. Because of excellent friction function, ball screw is widely used for all kinds of industrial equipment and precision instruments.


High recision Ball Screws

Precision 6 µm / 300 mm - Spindle diameter 8 - 125 mm - Spindle length up to 8000 mm