RACO - your system partner for linear drive technology

Electric actuators - srew drives - controls

As a solution provider for linear drive technology, our electric actuators have a wide range of equipment features. Our modular assembly system is based on uniform construction principles. In this way we can develop individual system solutions.

Heavy duty electric actuators

RACO Hochleistungs Elektrozylinder T1A6

For the toughest operating conditions with an extremely long service life.

COMPACT electric actuators

RACO COMPACT Elektrozylinder T6C2

Inexpensive and robust design with high adjustment force

COMPACT DC actuators

RACO COMPACT Elektrozylinder T6N4 DC

Compact-series with high quality DC motors

RACOmatic® actuators

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Heavy duty electric actuators matched to the RACOmatic®


RACOmatic® COMPACT Elektrozylinder T6C4

COMPACT series matched to the RACOmatic®

Sensors | Limitswitches

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RACO sensors, designed for the exact positioning of electromechanical linear drives

RACO Motors

As a drive, we offer our RACO three-phase motor, standard motors from various manufacturers, as well as DC or servo motors. In order to convert the installed drive power into actuating force with a high degree of efficiency, RACO projects the motors and gears precisely to the operating point.

Our EPS position sensors ensure operational safety and the powerful RACOmatic® control guarantees the optimal interaction of actuators and sensors.

Rotary electric actuators


Precise turning and swiveling of heavy loads

Screw drives


High-precision screw drives grounded in air-conditioned rooms

RACO offers solutions

We coordinate mechanical and electrical components perfectly for a mechatronic system according to your requirements.

For 60 years, RACO has been one of the leading manufacturers of purely electromechanical systems for linear adjustments. The continuous further development of electromechanical drive concepts for industrial applications is one of the core competencies and, in connection with the consistent focus on customer requirements, the yardstick for innovation at RACO.