RACO Precision Ball Screws

The ball screw assembly consists of screw, nut and balls. The function is to transfer the rotary motion or into a linear motion into rotary motion. This is further extension and development of slide ball screw. The important significance of development is the same as changing a bearing from rolling motion to sliding motion. Because of excellent friction function, ball screw is widely used for all kinds of industrial equipment and precision instruments.

RACO offers a wide range of ground ball screws to cover all requirements: Flanged nut with internal preload, DIN standard- Double preloaded flanged nut, DIN standard- Double cylindrical preloaded nut and tailor-made products. RACO offers complete screw assemblies with machined ends specify to customer drawings. Nuts are also available with reduced axial play.

Furthermore the RACO company specializes in customized arrangements with high precision demands. The ball screws are available in different designs to cover most technical requirements. Nuts are available preloaded or with axial play. Preloaded nuts should always be used when accuracy of positioning under load is important. Even for small quantities, we provide complete assemblies with customized screw shaft, with a very short delivery time.

The RACO ball screws receive distinction with their high quality, precision and long life capabilities. There are world-wide patents for our single ball return arrangement, the ball groove profile, single ball nut preloaded and the short travel ball screw assembly. The big depth of hardness of the ball tracks (60 ± 2 HRC) allows for regrinding of worn out screws it is not necessary to have a complete new ball screw.

The range of available RACO ball screws leaves very little to be desired. Our standard program includes spindles with a diameter from 6 up to 200 mm and lengths ranging from 80 mm to 8000 mm - each of them with different profiles and in different classes of accuracy

 Pitch (mm) Pitch (inch)
 22,5456810121620253040 0,2"0,25"0,4"0,5"1"
Diameter (mm)Preferred lines

Main criteria for RACO Ball Screws

  • Load rating (static & dynamic)
  • Max. speed (critical speed)
  • Buckling
  • Accuracy class (lead deviation)
  • Reversibility
  • Axial play (Preloading of nuts)
  • Life time acc. operation conditions
  • Ambient influence (Environment)
  • Life cycle cost