Power Industry (Coal Fired Power plants)

In conventional power stations RACO electric actuators are used in conveying systems for bulk goods, especially to transport cole to light boilers. The actuators stand out due to its high availability even after a long standstill period and therefore guarantee the required process stability.

This electric actuator series is certified for application in explosive dust atmosphere (equipment group II, category 2D & 3D, zone 21 & 22) or gaseous atmosphere (equipment group II, category 2G & 3G, zone 1 & 2) and therefore fulfill the requirements according to the ATEX guideline.

The essential benefits of the RACO electric actuators are:

  • Life time for long duration use of the electric actuators / especially the screw system
  • Operation reliability even under hardest ambient conditions like an extreme temperature gradient
  • Special sealing and corrosion protection of all components

Furthermore constructive measures to reduce the surface temperature for particular operating conditions are necessary. Features and benefits of the RACO electric actuators are:

  • Compact design with high power density
  • Solid construction principle with high class material
  • Screw incl. internal torque support of the nut
  • Design and mounting position are variable for a customized solution
  • Due to the modular design of the RACO actuator system the required spare parts inventory is drastically reduced compared to hydraulic solutions and as well as the serviceability .