Boom adjustment on facade access systems

Facade access systems with a passenger basket are used for cleaning façades and windows and for their maintenance. The passenger baskets are suspended by ropes from an adjustable boom. This allows the travel path to be adapted to the contour of the facade. The swing-out process and the adjustment is carried out with one or two RACO electric actuators with appropriate IP protection and corrosion protection for outdoor use depending on the requirements and climatic zone.

The RACO electric actuator is equipped with a safety nut system to prevent it from falling if the spindle nut breaks. In the event of increased wear or nut breakage, the safety nut system locks and a lowering of the crane arm is blocked. The system with trapezoidal spindle and an additional holding brake on the motor supports the self-locking. Energy is only required during the positioning movement. Due to the electromechanical principle and high-quality materials, the RACO electric actuator is practically maintenance-free.