RACO Electric Actuator - Application in bulk material technology

The reliable solution in the challenging areas of bulk material technology!

RACO electric actuators are suitable for feed movements in bulk material technology due to their extremely robust design. From the actuation of diverter gates and chutes to more demanding belt edge control systems or the positioning of dosing slides up to system solutions in which several electric actuators in combination actuate bulk material flow dividers or chain tensioners synchronously.

Adjustment of a wagon loading device

When loading wagons with bulk goods, the challenge is to load the wagons as evenly as possible over the entire length. In parked wagons, this is achieved by means of a movable wagon loading device (pivoting chute) or a combination of several diverter gates and sliding gates or clamshell gates. Such a wagon loading device was recently successfully put into operation at Kali und Salz in Wintershall. There the wagons are loaded via a swivel chute, which is moved with pinpoint accuracy into seven different, firmly defined positions by a RACO electric actuator from the high-performance series.

As the approach accuracy of the individual points from both directions of approach must be guaranteed, the RACOmatic® in configuration B (up to 8 positions) is the perfect solution for the required movement profile. The RACOmatic® was supplied as a variant for control cabinet installation including the vector-controlled frequency inverter with connection module, EMC kit, choke and braking resistor.