Traffic engineering


Working platforms

Mass mobility is both a pre-requisite for and result of globalisation. For this reason, the future belongs to means of transport which are safe, fast, reliable, economical and environmentally friendly.

Modern track-bound transport systems fulfil these requirements. They can concentrate traffic flows, transport large masses fast and safely even over long distances, have a good energy balance and considerable capacity reserves.

On the basis of a detailed understanding of the applications and requirements of its customers, RACO has been developing customised technologies and solutions for the transport markets of both the present and the future for more than 35 years.

The RACO products used in local transport systems include:

  • Electric cylinders for operating mechanical and electric couplings.
  • Electric cylinders for operating pantograph lowering mechanisms.
  • Spring-operated safety brake equipment and controls for trams.
  • Electric cylinders and linear drives for operating points and monorail tracks.
  • Electric cylinders for automated door operation and locking of suspended monorail tracks.