RACO Heavy load electric actuators

The heavy duty electric cylinders of this production series are built to impress even under toughest conditions. Whether there is intense heat or cold, dust, moisture, or shocks and vibrations, the accuracy in positioning and reproducibility remains. Because of the extremely robust design, which is achieved with high-grade materials, the RACO heavy duty electric cylinders have a very long life cycle.

The design of the RACO electric actuators is based on a modular system and allows the optimal combination of the components.
Due to this variability RACO electric actuators have a wide spectrum of applications.


RACO heavy duty electric actuators are available in sizes 4 - 12 with possible stroke ranges of up to 6000mm.
Here you will find the respective performance data, the maximum force is specified.

The catalog shows our entire standard series of RACO heavy duty actuators.
We will be pleased to give you advise how to configure the electric actuator for you specific application.


With the innovative RACO control technology, the RACO heavy duty electric cylinders show their strengths. Sensors and software are perfectly coordinated and can be easily integrated into existing systems. Synchronous operation, motion profiles and position determination can be precisely implemented.

All-rounder: Reliable service, from bulk materials handling to medical technology

With these characteristics, our products are successful in many different industries. They meet the requirements for explosion and firedamp protection of the chemical industry and the mining sector. The same is true for standards of purity and environmental protection that are effective in the food and luxury food industry.

In the manufacture of its goods, RACO puts great emphasis on hi-precision production processes. Shock resistance is achieved by integrating an attenuation of the spindle nut system. We also integrate a rotation lock for the push/pull unit. The application as a whole is completely closed, but we optionally offer special sealing for enhanced corrosion protection if needed.

Your boundary conditions dictate structural shape and method of mounting. Our heavy duty electric cylinders are built to achieve strong forces, heavy lifts, and high positioning speed. Depending on the purpose of use, RACO selects a suitable screw drive as the main drive component – there is a choice between acme screws, multiturn trapezoidal thread spindles or ball screws. We equip the system with one of our RACO motors, appropriate sensors and integrated control technology that even realizes absolutely synchronized movements. Finally, adding the RACOmatic® also enables a loaddependent switch-off. The modular design of our products allows us to create individual solutions. In order to maximize your productivity, we also custom-make parts and include third-party products.