Handling and Transfer systems

Modern automation technology provides the means to increase efficiency and profitability in 24-hour permanent operation. The electric actuator is of central importance and has to keep up with or - even better - push technological development. The innovative and extremely variable technology of our electric linear actuators together with the RACOmatic® is providing new impulses in production, handling, material flow and transport. Even safety concepts are fulfilled; for example, electric cylinders remain in the position last approached or can be moved into a defined safety position by an external force.

Your benefit:

  • High productivity through high speeds or movement cycles
  • High availability and safety of the electric actuator
  • High process safety through high reliability
  • Easy electrical set up and realisation of required positioning accuracy
  • Maintenance-free of the screw system thanks to long life or permanent lubrication

RACO electric actuators are used in the material flow of cargo (semi-finished & finished products) right up to sorting and packing in production. They are also suitable for three-shift operation with up to 8000 operating hours a year!