The three-phase motors and three-phase brake motors are the ideal drives for the RACO electric cylinders.

In the brake motors made by RACO, the brake control system is installed by default in the terminal box. The direct responding qualities and engagement times of the brake guarantee less lag and absolute self-locking. Depending on the features of the RACO motor, the brake control system can also be supplied in the control cabinet version as an option.

The defined standard protection class for RACO motors is IP 54, insulation class F, whereby numerous special voltages, IP65 and ISO H are optionally available. In order to protect against thermal overload, a thermal contact is used as standard, or alternatively a PTC thermistor sensor.

As three-phase asynchronous motors with low inertia, these motors are ideally suited for intermittent S3 duty and for accelerating large masses. The breakdown torque-free motor characteristics ensure a long service life not only of the motor, but also the mounted actuators and periphery. Whether 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-pole, the modular design allows for a large number of versions and provides users with the correct motor for their control tasks.

The options include in particular the RACO EPS type position sensor , which is adapted in a robust housing on the 2nd shaft end of the RACO motor, or the RACOmatic®.