Steel water engineering - Locks

The scope of delivery of the company RACO for looks gates includes two electric cylinders with a stroke up to 5 meters. Both electro-cylinders are control-activated separately to the programmed final positions using a PLC control. In addition, a manual control of every electric cylinder over a mechanical or electronic (RACOmatic®) hand wheel is possible.

The RACO Elektrozylinder® for hydro mechnical engineering steelwork applications are provided with a vent valve that encloses the volume in the interior of the cylinder at standstill and thus does not allow any exchange with the environment. The background is the so-called air-pump effect, caused by the enclosed design type with electric cylinders through the change of volume during actuation movement.

For construction work in this order of magnitude, it is not rare that the requirements on the utilisation time period are defined for more than 30 years. As well as the dimensioning of the components designed using safety factor / operational factor, corrosion protection is an important factor. The coating systems used by the Co. RACO originate from certified manufacturers and are processed professionally with the greatest care.