RACO electric actuators conform to ATEX directives

The new ATEX directives have been applicable in Europe since July 1 2003. We produce electric cylinders under strict observance of these EU directives as well as European standards for explosion-proof operating equipment (DIN EN 60079-0 to DIN EN 60079-11). We have our products tested regularly by experts from independent institutions.

New product requirements lead to new performance characteristics for our products. As a manufacturer of high quality linear servo-drives RACO has advanced and supplemented its product line.

The heady-duty series electric cylinders have always been distinguished by their sturdiness and long service life even under the hardest conditions of use. The modification profile for actuation of flaps and chutes for transport of bulk materials has now been supplemented to exclude explosion hazard protection. A series of electric cylinders has now been developed and certified for use in explosive dust or gas atmospheres satisfying all requirements of the ATEX directive.

ATEX conformity of RACO electric actuators type 1

  • Gas/Vapour Zone 1 Categorie 2G explosion group IIA und IIB
  • Gas/Vapour Zone 2 Categorie 3G explosion group IIA und IIB
  • Dust Zone 21 Categorie 2D
  • Dust Zone 22 Categorie 3D

Detailed information can be found in our ATEX guideline. In order to specify the area exposed to explosion hazards and the required ATEX category please use our ATEX checklist und complete it entirely. We are pleased to submit an appropriate proposal for solution.

An ATEX-compliant solution is provided by our mechanical limit switches and potentiometer with suitable switch amplifiers for operation in an intrinsically-safe circuit.