high precision linear driving technologie

The cornerstone for RACO´s electric actuator (RACO-Elektrozylinder®) was laid more than 60 years ago based upon RACO´s own patents, like the nut system with hammerblow bolt, that provides a soft acceleration of heavy loads. Further patents set the standard for maximum precision ball screws and electromechanical spring brake system, which operate as safety brakes in rail based public transportation systems.

Since that time the effort for a “clean and environmental-friendly solution” is our ambition, commitment and energy. So that RACO Schwelm is among the leading manufactures of completely electromechanical systems for linear actuators. Through the continuously development of our products the electromechanical system comes into many different applications.

New tasks in addition with the consequent alignment for the customers wishes are measure for the innovation by RACO. This core competence was assiduously consolidated. RACO provides high quality products for applications where high precision linear motion is required. The complete system comes from one source, determinate by the customers individual requirements and fabricated in a short period.

Experienced engineers give you expert advice on complicated problems with actuators and work out tailor made solutions for you. More and more not even technical data but peripheral aspects are most important such as the integration and communication to DCS systems via interface for example. For that RACO offers complete solutions. Modern technology and our own workshop production in addition with high skilled personal assure the outstanding quality level of our products.

Based on the unique modular system for RACO actuators we are able to serve a customers demand, even for a great variety of executions. All the company`s engineering and production services have been certified under ISO 9001:2015 since 1994. The certification was renewed for compliance with the 2000 version. By creating a optimal workflow process RACO provides competent consultation and support for all business activities from your inquiry until the after sales service.