Extract from the quality manual

Within the last few years, comprehensive quality of all furnished works proved to be one of the most important factors for the success of a company. Quality is defined as the “totality of characteristics of a unit acc. to its adequacy to fulfil determined and demanded requirements”

So one of the most important tasks of the management is to meet the requirements acc. to this “comprehensive product quality” by the permanent development of the Quality Management system acc. to ISO 9001:2015 , with certificate since November 1994.

The scale for all actions within the company with regard to the quality is our customers’ judgement of the degree to which our products meet the requirements, as well as the permanent comparison of the attained quality level with the our goals.

We are therefore convinced that a permanent quality improvement which is realised in cooperation with our customers and suppliers is the best solution to provide a solid base for the future development of the company. The activity of each employee plays a decisive role and the following measures contribute to realise this objective:

  • fulfilment of the customers’ requirements, in particular with regard to works within the period stipulated and to reasonable prices
  • apart from general requirements linked to the products (e. g. safety instructions, standards), all points increasing the advantage of the customer have always to be considerated
  • increasing the sense of quality of all employees in order to raise responsibility for executed tasks and increase motivation
  • taking of measures for a development from discovering to avoiding faults, which will have a positive effect on both quality and costs

Since the efficiency of quality-linked activities are permanently tested, it is possible to adapt the organisation and the methods of the quality assurance to the latest developments and requirements. So definite aims and contents of our quality politics are:

  • fulfilment of the determined or demanded requirements of the customer
  • gain confidence by always fulfilling these requirements with respect to the customer as well as with respect to the own work