Door and gate operation

Large gates and door systems, e.g. in architecture for the design of exterior facades, or heavy property protection and security doors are operated with RACO electric actuators. The realization of a harmonious motion sequence and exact positioning in combination with various security functions for personal protection are day-to-day business for RACO. The application example shows 12m high glass swing doors at an atrium access.

Each pivot axis of the total of 5 doors is driven by the RACO electric actuators, which are connected by means of a lever arm in the basement. The RACOmatic® controls the movement profile and ensures exact positioning so that in the closed position a flush glass front is created even without a door stop. In safety door systems with frame and fixed stop, the last millimetres are moved safely to the end position at creep speed and with active force limitation. Systems are optionally equipped with spring elements and/or emergency release.