Adjustment of belt plough on conveyor belts

In opencast mining, bulk materials are transported over long distances on conveyor belts. Snow and impurities must therefore be removed before a conveyor belt is fed. A plough is used for this purpose, which is lowered onto the moving belt and thus cleans it. In rare cases, the belt plough is used to remove the conveyed material.

Electric actuators are easy to integrate into the extensive plant topography as decentralised actuators and are also particularly economical to operate. Depending on the width of the conveyor belt, one or two RACO electric actuators are used to lower the plough onto the conveyor belt. In most cases the conveyor belt is simultaneously raised slightly by means of a coupled lifting mechanism in order to create a flat contact surface for an optimum cleaning result.

In the case of two RACO electric actuators, synchronous running is ensured by the RACOmatic®. The customer only has to provide the start and stop signals. The synchronisation of the electric actuators is carried out in the RACOmatic®.