RACO - your competent partner in machine tool egineering

RACO has been developing and manufacturing precision ball screws for more than 6 decades and is one of the leading manufacturers in Germany in terms of technology and quality.

RACO designs and manufactures precision ball screws for:

  • digital programmed machine tool & special machines
  • Measuring and testing equipment
  • Special applications for simulations in research and development

Together with our customers we develop tailor-made ball screws whose profile geometry is perfectly adapted to the load spectrum and the available installation space is optimally used. The single overflows, the ball groove profile, the preloaded single nut and the short-stroke ball screw are based on our own worldwide patents.

Precision grinding processes in air-conditioned rooms.

Grinding is not only the best known, but also gives the best results in terms of the performance characteristics of ball screws. However, grinding high-precision threads is time-consuming and requires a series of preparatory operations that enable targeted production on the thread grinding machine with repeatable results. Thus, the precision of the thread has a particular influence on the dynamic behaviour of the ball screw. The ground RACO ball screws are highly precise and, due to their optimized, constructive design, have high efficiency.

The result:

The manufacturing process guarantees highest accuracy, best running characteristics with extremely long operating time, because the accuracy of the ball screw has an influence on the load distribution within the nut. Particularly with preloaded nuts, which are generally required for precision applications, geometrical errors in the ball screw thread not only lead to a change in preload, but also to uneven load distribution on the balls and thus to peak loads that damage the life of the nut, as well as to loss of rigidity.

You want to equip your machine tool with new ball screws?

The RACO repair service will quickly and reliably provide you with a drawing of your defective ball screw and compare it with the RACO archive of many ball screws from renowned machine tool manufacturers (including Heyligenstaedt, Waldrich, Hessap, Mazak ........). Thus, a replacement can be delivered to you quickly.

Do you want to automate lynettes and hoods of your machine tool?

Then RACO electric actuators are the right choice.