Trim list adjustments

Electromechanical drive concepts for efficient container handling

The handling of containers in harbor crane facilities requires control at the highest level of precision. Loads need to be picked up safely, positioned exactly and then gently deposited. At the same time, processes have to run as quickly as possible because time is a crucial economical factor. The automation of processes helps increase efficiency as does reliable and safe actuating technology.

RACO is your systems provider for crane technology

Electromechanical drives by RACO are ideally suited for many processes concerned with the handling of containers. They are also by far superior to hydraulic solutions, for example when it comes to freedom of maintenance and cost and energy efficiency.

Typical areas of application include:

  • Adjustment of the headblock in order to position the crane gear above the container; “side shift actuator” & “micro motion actuator”

  • Alignment of the rope nip at the headblock above the spreader; “trim list actuator”

  • Driving of the flipper arms that help deposit the spreader on top of the container

  • Locking of the trolley and crane gantry as storm safety measure

  • Gear change of large cable winches for adjustable hoist speeds

High positioning and control accuracy

RACO drives complete positioning and control tasks with a high degree of precision. This is also true under extreme weather conditions in regions by the sea, like wind and storm: The electric actuator meet the requirements for corrosion protection and many equipment features that help increase functional reliability and operational safety are optionally available. At the same time, realizing soft starts is easily done through employment of our RACOmatic control system.