RACOmatic® electric actuators: Fully integrated actuators

The RACOmatic® can enhance every model of the RACO electric actuators available in our broad range of products which comprises many different sizes and performance classes. WIth this extensive range of solutions we are able to offer the perfect fit for your actuating needs. We can program an individual movement profile that meets your requirements but there are also several standard configurations you can choose from – starting with simple two-point repositioning tasks, continuing with force-controlled assembly and pressing processes, cover operations, to synchronization control of up to four electric actuators, for example at hoisting units.

With the RACOmatic® electric cylinder, we offer preconfigured actuators in where the mechanics of the push-pull unit and the drive with the gearbox are precisely matched to one another. The attached frequency converter provides a compact linear drive solution without complex switch cabinet installation.
All RACO electric cylinders can be equipped with the RACOmatic®.

Systems solutions – always the right size

We offer our HEAVY DUTY and COMPACT electric actuators in conjunction with the RACOmatic® as an all-in system. You receive an economical overall solution. The various installation sizes are built for 

different applications and we prepare the wiring accordingly. As a result it is possible to quickly install the actuator into your machine system without the risk of errors or technical complications.

Variable installation of hardware components

With regards to the installation of your electric actuators and additional RACOmatic® hardware components, you can choose the right fit for your system architecture from three constructional variations. RACO either mounts the frequency converter directly on top of the motor and you can then connect it to your system using the industrial connectors. Alternatively, wall-mounting is possible within a range of maximum five meters from the electric actuators. As a third option, we offer the installation in a control cabinet.