Special mechanical engineering

The electric cylinders of the "Heavy Duty" series have always stood out for their robustness and durability even under the toughest operating conditions. This design is increasingly used for highly dynamic applications with correspondingly high switching frequency as a "mechatronic axis". A high degree of variability and numerous options form the solid basis for customer-specific system solutions including the control system connection with RACOmatic®.

For example, an electric cylinder was developed especially for use in rolling mill technology, which combines a high power density with high dynamics. After the cold strip has been rolled, the strip edge is cut to a standardized width with trimming shears. An electric cylinder positions and locks the slit width adjustment. In the rewinding station, the strip edge is controlled by means of an electric cylinder and ensures exact feeding to the reel.

RACO electric actuators from this series are used for the exact positioning of turn-tilt tables in welding devices. They are equipped with a low-backlash ball screw drive and in combination with RACOmatic®, as well as safety devices. Economically interesting are these ready-to-use system solutions where we already preconfigure the RACOmatic® in the factory. Six different configurations are already available as standard, the parameters actuating force, actuating speed and position are adapted for different applications and the inputs and outputs are wired accordingly.