Monitoring and Positioning with RACO´s Accessories for Electric Actuators, Linear Actuators and Rotating Actuators

The encoders in our product range are as varied as your individual requirements. The RACO product range offers you the optimum solution for position detection.


RACO path sensor EPS

The RACO path sensor EPS is specially designed for the exact positioning of electromechanical linear actuators. The position detection is contactless via a magnetic field coupling and is guaranteed even in case of power failure, as a lithium battery supplies the system with energy in standby mode. This corresponds to the characteristics of a multiturn absolute encoder with digital signals and also offers the output of the setpoint as an analog signal. You can select the optimum solution for your plant topography from the path sensor variants. All series and sizes of RACO electric actuators can be equipped with RACO EPS sensor technology.

Mechanical Limit switches

For applications in which the EPS path sensor system cannot be used, RACO also offers switchgear with mechanical limit position switches, which can be operated in explosive environments, for example, or combined with an angle of rotation transmitter or potentiometer.

Encoder with fieldbus interface

Furthermore, adapters for other encoder systems with fieldbus interface or safety encoders with SIL certification are available, which increase the safety for plants and persons. Certified in accordance with the current standards (IEC 61508 / EN 62061, EN ISO 13849 -1), these encoders guarantee the high reliability of the safety-oriented products. The currently valid Machinery Directive requires the person placing the product on the market to perform a detailed assessment of the safety of the system or process. Influences on the operating process, the operator and the environment are defined as hazard levels for the safety requirements, which must then be technically fulfilled.

The encoder systems used by RACO meet the standards in the automotive industry and in mechanical and plant engineering.