Rotary electric actuators

Rotate and swivel with RACO rotary electric actuators DM IV

The RACO rotary and swivel actuator type DM IV is a purely electromechanical actuator for the operation of fittings, flaps and doors with a swivel radius of 0 ° to 360 °. Based on the components of the RACO electric actuatrs, RACO offers a high-precision actuator with strong torque in combination with gearboxes.

The basic assemblies of the RACOmatic® are a RACO three-phase asynchronous motor with an integrated, vector-controlled frequency converter including the position control electronics, a solid multiturn absolute encoder (type: RACO EPS-CAN) and an optionally available holding brake. The position encoder is a further development of the proven RACO displacement sensor system EPS06, which can be parameterized together with the frequency converter as a decentralized control using the RACO tool. In addition to the digital signals, two relay contacts and an analog signal (4-20mA) can be used.


Catalog Id.Torque (Nm)Rotary speed (90º/s)Motor power (kW)
DM4 - 160001400.0010.0 - 1.00.55
DM4 - 160002500.0010.0 - 1.00.55
DM4 - 1600031000.008.0 - 0.82.20
DM4 - 1600041000.004.0 - 0.44.00
DM4 - 1600051500.006.0 - 0.64.00
DM4 - 1600061500.0010.0 - 1.02.20
DM4 - 1600073000.0025.0 - 2.52.20
DM4 - 1600083000.0090.0 - 9.00.55
DM4 - 1600095000.0040.0 - 4.02.20
DM4 - 1600107250.0030.0 - 3.04.00
DM4 - 16001110000.0040.0 - 4.04.00

The RACOmatic® controls the DM IV precisely within the parameterized swivel radius and automatically switches off the motor in the event of overload. The selected end positions are reached exactly at reduced speed, so that these positions can be passed through to mechanical. End position / blockage is excluded. The limit values ​​for distance, force and speed are programmed in the RACOmatic® at the factory and released for the operator and control technician via password level. The RACO tool is included in the scope of delivery, the factory setting can be restored at any time.