RACOmatic® - more than the sum of its parts

The RACOmatic® expands the functionality of RACO electric actuators to ready-to-use, highly precise linear actuation drives. Mechanical components, software, and sensors have been perfectly matched to the equipment architecture and the relevant requirements. RACO thus provides a customized solution for any actuation profile across a wide range of thrust ranges and designs - all with the typical reliability you have become accustomed to with RACO products.

When it comes to maximum process reliability and consistent manufacturing quality, the exact and fully reproducible control of movements in automation is indispensable.

In combination with the RACOmatic®, RACO drives can fully leverage their strengths. In daily operation, RACO drives achieve a measurable increase in productivity, availability, and flexibility.
The key to this is the high-precision control of thrust, acceleration and position and the ability to integrate these into all industrial standard control systems. In addition, there is the unique and highly user-friendly operator interface.

This ensures that the operating parameters are easy to adjust. As a designer or operator, you rely on the results of good engineering that consolidates the expertise of many decades into a systematic actuation system - efficient, a safe investment, and absolutely in line with real-life requirements. Something you can always expect from RACO.