COMPACT electric actuators - Design Type 6

The RACO COMPACT is designed with extremely small dimensions, although it has high linear thrust. Like the “high performance series” it also operates completely electro mechanically in a absolute trouble free manner. As a many-faceted electric actuator for horizontal or vertical linear thrust and tension movements, it offers a smart solution for a great variety of applications with features as listed below.


Thrust: 0.3kN - 2kN - 7.5kN - 15kN - 40kN

The catalog shows our entire standard series of COMPACT electric actuators.
We will be pleased to give you advise how to configure the electric actuator for you specific application.

Features & Benefits

  • Robust industrial and compact design
  • Wide range of performance with many options
  • Suitable for applications with a high number of switches per period
  • Low weight for easy installation in your design structure
  • High reliability and positioning accuracy
  • Low noise for special noise requirements
  • Integral closed loop operation available
  • Maintenance-free through lifetime lubrication

Electric actuators equipped with 3-phase RACO motor or DC motor provides an interface for various sensor components (EPS Sensor and RACOmatic® Controller). All Electric actuators with IEC flange can be equipped with different types of gear motor or motor acc. Clients specification. Our application engineers will assist you with your application. Please call us!