RACO - your system partner for linear drive technology

Electromechanical actuators - electric cylinders, electric lifting cylinders and rotary actuators

The electromechanical drive principle is based on the efficient conversion of a rotational drive power into the translatory stroke movement. Depending on the requirement profile, the transmission takes place by means of trapezoidal screws, ball screws or planetary roller screws, which RACO manufactures with an optimized profile geometry. In order to convert the installed drive power into actuating force with a high degree of efficiency, RACO projects the motors and gear units exactly to the operating point.

Our EPS position sensors ensure operational safety and the powerful RACOmatic® control guarantees the optimal interaction of actuators and sensors.

Heavy duty electric actuators , product series 1

wide range of ​​application even under the toughest conditions, high cycle rates, high dynamics, extremely long service life. Extensive standard and special equipment.

COMPACT electric actuators, product series 6

For industrial environments, robust, durable, optimized for small installation space, cost-effective. Also with RACO DC motors in the standard range

RACO rotary drives DM IV

Electromechanical actuator for rotary movement of fittings, flaps and doors from 0 ° to 360 °. Torques from 400 Nm to 10,000 Nm. With or without RACOmatic®

Ball screws or trapezoidal screws from our own production

The core competence of RACO linear technology are our precision ball screws and trapezoidal screw drives. Whirled and ground in air-conditioned rooms, with adapted profiles depending on the required load capacity and service life, they are supplied according to drawings for machine tools or measuring machines and used in our electric cylinders.